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What To Wear For Engagement Photos

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June 30, 2020

Nikita Pretty

John + Sarah’s Engagement Session

First things first is colours!  Neutral, earthy tones photograph best and give you timeless photographs.  Neutrals mesh so well with landscape views, whether we are taking your portraits in the mountains, the forest or in a field overlooking a body of water.  Avoid neon, bright colours and clingy clothes.  This first recommendation will ensure you with a flattering, ageless look to your photos! Don’t stress too much about colour coordinating. It’s best if the tones are complimentary, but there’s no need to completely match in all one colour.

Anthony + Kaylin’s Engagement Session


Long flowy skirts and dresses are not only comfortable but they’re extremely flattering and add a fun dimension of movement to all your portraits!  Not sure what to do with your hands during a photoshoot?  We’ll keep your hands busy by swaying your skirt or twirling your dress.  Bring a couple of options to the photoshoot if you’d like! Wear accessories you’re comfortable with!  Are you a funky ring girl? Do you love hats? Have a favourite cardigan? All these extras will spice up your outfit and showcase your personal style.

Cam + Bailey’s Couple Session


Stick to long, fitted pants or dark, non-baggy denim.  Classy closed toes shoes give a polished look (for a dressier look, choose leather shoes).  Layers give dimension to your outfit!  Even if you don’t wear it in every photo, a blazer or jacket will transform an everyday outfit into a “special occasion” look. Accessories for you to include would be a leather belt, dress watch, or brimmed hat!  These items are somewhat simple but really help tie your outfit together.

Lastly, make sure to leaves your sandals, sunglasses, and logo t-shirts at home.  While these are comfy options, we are looking to capture the timelessness of your love!

Here is the link to my Pinterest board for further outfit inspiration! 

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